PLUID WASH LIGHT is an entry-level line of PLUID WASH and was developed to clean at a low price in a relatively safe place compared to BIO. It has the lowest flammability and evaporation rate compared to IPA and ethanol, and is an eco-friendly material that can be biodegradable.

Recommend for

Prototyping company with large-scale 3D printing 

Where ventilation is facilitated by installation on the veranda at home 

Product Features 

It's a product that's mainly composed of low flammability materials, so it's
It's an eco-friendly industrial cleaner that can be biodegradable.
It is low-tasting and has low irritation, so it is highly usable.
It does not include substances that destroy the ozone layer or contribute to global warming.
It has similar cleaning power to IPA (ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL). 
It is economical because it can be used three times longer than IPA.

Packing unit 

Packing container

1L, 5L, 20L


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